Keep It Simple

“Early in my career, my first mentor (Bob Gunderson) told me that the best course of action, most of the time, is to just ‘keep it simple.”  After spending much of my career as an attorney in large law firms, and working as a partner in the last three – K&L Gates, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman and Cooley LLP –  I formed DJL Corporate Law to serve a niche that fits many clients.  Our clients want high quality legal assistance from an attorney who is willing to listen and understand their needs, and who also provides a pragmatic and sound business perspective based on experience.  DJL Corporate Law is a boutique law firm providing business legal services to companies and entrepreneurs, with a personalized fit for each clients’ unique needs.  We provide high quality legal services consistent with my prior practices, in a platform that enhances our efficiency, and allows us to maintain personal attention and loyalty to our clients.  In addition to my prior law firm practice, I have also have had an opportunity to serve as the in-house general counsel for one of my start-ups clients prior to its sale. For some of our clients, we fulfill the role of the in-house counsel (in an out-sourced “office of general counsel” way).  My career prior to forming DJL Corporate Law has helped me to build a network of relationships within Silicon Valley, and I enjoy providing services and partnering or coordinating with other providers when the need arises.”    ~Deborah (“Deb”) Ludewig  
DJL Corporate Law serves early and later stages companies and entrepreneurs.  Since the firm was founded in 2008, we have formed and represented clients in strategic transactions, successive financing events and exits (through M&A transactions with public companies).  The areas of practice offered encompass the range of activities required of a general counsel – as listed below.  We also provide expert witness services in the area of corporate law and board fiduciary duties.  Where expertise is needed we partner with firms or other specialists to assure our clients’ needs are met efficiently.

Areas of Practice

Emerging Growth and Technology Clients

We can help with your company formation, reincorporation (if needed), and business agreements, as you start your new company, whether you are a serial entrepreneur or this is your first venture. DJL Corporate Law provides experienced advice on a wide range of business transactions and general corporate matters, from a flexible firm platform focused on your business needs.

Corporate and Securities Law Matters

With a primary focus on corporate and securities laws, DJL Corporate law provides support in a wide range of corporate and securities transactions, as well as advice on corporate governance and board fiduciary matters.

Intellectual Property Transactions

Assisting clients with their commercial transactions is an important part of our practice at DJL Corporate Law. We also provide advice regarding intellectual property protection issues and work to assure that our client’s have appropriate coverage of their most valuable assets.

Mergers and Acquisition Matters

Our clients have recommended us often for our efforts in assisting them in their most difficult negotiations. In recent times, these negotiations have included M&A matters. We assist companies on both sides of M&A transactions, and have also worked with management teams as separate counsel for the purpose of establishing a management retention and incentive (“carve-out”) plan in connection with certain acquisitions.

Financing Matters

We can assist you in your capital raising transactions and strategic partnerships. We have experience in closing hundreds of angel and venture capital financings.  We approach your capital raising transactions with a view toward efficiency of time and cost.